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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Approved men - Quite like you (1980)

1. - So sad
2. - somewhere to run

Great 3 track mod/powerpop ep

There are between 100 & 500 copies of this little rarity floating around (Colin Short sent a note to John Peel saying 500 but later said 100 so believe what you will)

The band were from the Guilford area (Shalford)
& all I can tell you is that
Colin Short (bass) seemed to do all their promotional work & another of the band was
Julian Robinson
+ my copy says it was produced by Nod Harris

This has come up for sale on e-bay a few times with the handwritten labels all looking different - Here's my favourite (which misspells Short as Shaw)

Sounds & scans below



  1. I like this! Was digging around for info on the record for the discography but all I could find out was that Peel played it in Feb 1980. No label obviously, but is that JR-001 on the run-out groove?

  2. yeah, dead wax has JR001 A EG / JR001 B EG scratched in it

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ross, glad to hear from you! You should be proud this is a great 45 + pretty collectable. Can you add some more info. Band members etc.

  4. Tried to post a reply bit it seemed to get lost.

  5. Dooley Robinson (guitar), Colon Short (bass), Charlie Rashbrooke (vocals), Herbie Williams (drums), Me (guitar) formed 79, recorded this in Worthing. 250 copies

  6. Peel played twice. Colin wrote A side and Dooley the two B sides. Gigged around Guildford, Woking area. Had meeting with John Weller (Paul's dad) about him taking us on but didn't happen.