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Friday, 18 June 2010

X-effects - 19 (French gymnastics) (1980)

b/w (there is no flip - both tracks are on the same side with the other being blank)
the other track is Female Pulse

Another request from Dave.
Again I've seen this sold on e-bay as powerpop & again it's not!
What we have is 2 above average post-punk tunes (like most tunes on this label [pre-fab]
(I think they may have been listening to "Talking heads" for inspiration)

anyway, choose for yourself ! they're really not that bad

(If you like it "google it" as there are a few copies for sale out there on various sites)

sounds & scans below



  1. hi bruce its dave ive managed to post a comment thanks to you i had heard good things about this 45 and its really good. loving both tracks 19 just pips it i think cheers dave

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for all the comments - glad you're enjoying all the posts!