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Sunday, 20 June 2010

the Untochables - keep on walking (1980)

b/w - keep your distance

Excellent R&B in the "Dr feelgood" way (even being produced by Wilko Johnson (incidentally I was at a Wilko Johnson gig a couple of weeks ago [the Thunderbolt] & met the singer "Jerry Tremaine" - thoroughly nice bloke )

For a more detailed biography & info on their record label (fried egg) go to the Bristol records archive site

Have a good look around their site & buy something from them (loads of unreleased Bristol punk stuff)

sounds & scans below



  1. Are you sure Wilko Johnson isn't ON the record? Dr Feelgood weren't quite the same without that manic genius. 'Keep On Walking' is my preferred cut, and while we're on the 'foot' theme, if you have it, how about a post of 'Eddie's New Shoes' by the BLITZ BOYS?

  2. Wilko isn't credited but yeah, according to Jerry - he may of been a bit more helpful that is stated ( + Blitz boys may be coming up soon)

  3. The other day I found out two songs from a band called "The Untouchables" in other blog ("Mod Peru") that were includes in the "This is Mod Vo.4" compilation.

    The two songs were "Sister Salvation & Protect Your Love"

    Has anyone if these "The Untouchables" are the same os this single or they dont have nothing to do with them?

    I had to refused the idea that they were "The Untouchables" from California, because this Volume it was only for british bands, and so it was indicated.

  4. Hi Pablo - They are a different band the "protect your love" 45 was issued in 1984.

    band members were : Simon Hart (voc),Phil Ley (bass), Peter Ley (guitar), Steve Brewer (drums)

    they started off as
    Embryo (1 7" release - I'm different/you know he did ~ rampart records (RAM 001) (1980)

    then became
    Jump squad (1 7" release - lord of the dance/debt ~ 101 records (1982)

    then they became the untouchables
    one other track "woman in the city" on a compilation LP "not waving but drowning"
    But then stiff records had a hit with "Free yourself" by the Californian "untouchables" so they changed their name again to

    Under the Gun ( 7" Get ready/my love is a river - wizz records (1985) 12" of above includes protect your love & sister salvation
    7" run & hide/? - rampart records (RAM 002)(1986?)

    the "Ley" brothers then left the band & became the "Guitar Gangsters" http://www.myspace.com/guitargangsterslondon

  5. Thanks a lot for the info.

    I liked very much that two songs, but knowing how many times they changed the name of their band, I´m not suprised they hadn´t been recognised as they deserve.

    On the other hand, I was shocked the first day I come up on this blog, just seeing a record from "MERMELADA", a very special band for me, because their members studied at the same high school of mine in Madrid. (as some of LOS ELEGANTES did, this is why they helped each other).

  6. I was going to post
    Mermelada de lentejas - "dame la botella//marta" 45
    but the 45 has a slight edge warp & skips in at the start hence the post. Anyway glad the info was of help

    BTW there are a couple of embryo 45's for sale on e-bay at the moment if you're interested.

  7. Hello there..A bit late after the post, but just to put the record straight (pardon the pun) Graeme..Wilko is playing rhythm on Keep on Walking and backing vocals at the end of the track ;)

    1. Hi Jerry - never too late to add info!!! - thanks