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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Terminal - Hold on (1980)

b/w we're only human

1st of 2, 45's (the 2nd being released in '82 on their own termite records (srts custom press)
This is often labeled as powerpop - It's really "post punk" with the last 1 1/2 minutes of "hold on" qualifying for the punk/powerpop label (admittedly the last part is well worth the wait!!)

the only extra thing I can add that isn't on the sleeve scans is that the "N" in N. Peters stands for Nigel (who says I give no information!)

anyway find out for yourself what it sounds like

sounds & scans below



  1. Me like. I've posted the other one at the LDK blog.

  2. I own ''Am I Doing It Right'', which is also great on ''I Don't Mind (Part1) Turn Around & Don't Make Me Laugh'' but this one is definitely much better.

  3. nice 45 hold on is a belter gets better with each play

  4. Used to have this, but it's gone the way of all flesh. Saw them, even supported them, several times in the mid-80s.

    Great to hear this again, cheers.

  5. And LDK, who doesn't have comments on his/her blog, thank you for posting a major slice of my teenage kickage.

  6. Interesting!! - which band were you in?
    & LDK is a "He" (most of the time, - sorry Steve it seems appropriate to be sarcastic at this moment)

  7. Chris Plummer, who's an original dyed-in-the-wool punk collector/trader for them as wot don't know him, was for some time pretending to old schoolmates that he'd subsequently had a sex-change. Now, that Chris, he's one of my big heroes in the punk-collecting world, but I'm not gonna copy any transgendering he gets up to. I'm a boy, me. Like girls and everything. Boy.

  8. Ah yes, "Old Velvet Plumms", he is definitely one of the nicer collectors that I have had the pleasure of meeting/trading with!

    So much so that I'm going to plug his site for him


    (Now that he's grandad I'm sure he needs all the money he can get)