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Friday, 4 June 2010

Red Baron - Antwerp (1980/81)

b/w speak for yourself

here's a neat little double sider from Belgium on the "twinkle"label. I'm not even sure of the release date, it is definitely no later than 1981 (as I have seen another twinkle 45 ALCAZAR: Days of torture b/w Born to be a beggar that is dated 1981 & the cat# is 1 digit higher than this one.

Cool mod/ska powerpop cross, well worth a listen

sounds & covers below



  1. Ah yes Bruce, a much much better rip. This is a quirky little thing - love the a-side - sort of got a 60s r'n'b keyboard skit going on in the background there. I like!

  2. "Speak for Yourself" is an alright song but it is really overshadowed by "Antwerp"
    Great record and the sound quality is much better.