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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Odds - Fool In The Crowd (1981)

b/w nails and knives

4th (Swedish only- probably to coincide with their tour) 45 release for this Hull, Mod/ska band. Once again it's the b-side that is the better track to these ears.
According to the info page that came with this release, Kieron Moses has moved from backing vocals to lead vocal & Sam Leyland (lead singer on the first 2 - not sure about the 3rd) seems to have left, being replaced by johnny "twig" Leafe . All the other members seem unchanged. - if you want to know their names just download below.

a link to their 1st 45 is available here (they seem to still work) or you can go here to just hear it (loads of classic cool mod revival tracks here)
I can't find the 2nd 45 "yesterday man/so you think" any where so I'll post it in the future
the b-side of the 3rd 45 "spare rib" can be heard here

this is courtesy of http://punkmodpop.free.fr/ (make sure you visit Roger's site - it's been around forever & will hopefully be of help to you in your quest for knowledge)

sounds & info sheet below


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  1. Yeah, the B-side does it for me too. Nice post.