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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bullseye - NO. 10,553 (1980)

double A side

b/w - why don't you let me know

If you can find it anywhere on the internet, it will flip the tracks.
The reason I've put it first is, I prefer "no. 10,553" + it's shown on the front of the sleeve

the (Reading) Berkshire boys were

Damian Clark (Voc guitar)
Ed Carter (guitar, Voc)
Lee Allwood (Bass)
Jonathan Kirby (drums)

& was recorded at Woodcray Studios

thanks to Bernd Granz for the band info & sending the scans

As far as the tune goes it is punk/powerpop at it's best......enjoy!!

sounds & scans below



  1. bruce where do you keep pulling these 45s from this is superb stuff i cant pick between the two cheers dave

  2. Cool record, nice post Bruce, thank you.

  3. thanks for the comments - glad you're enjoying the posts

  4. bruce ! your blog is a killer !! i have to stop my own one to hang out every minute on this one !!

  5. I'm overwhelmed by the awesomeness - Thanks for all this stuff!