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Saturday, 10 July 2010

the Corvettes - Girls.... (1984)

b/w - The Beach Is Not Enough

Hmmm- another blank on information

Except This is their 2nd 45 [The 1st being Surf, Don't walk / She'll Be Blonde - Bitchen Records BIT 100 (1983)]

Its' surf 'n powerpop ala the Barracudas (In fact it makes me want to dig out their early 45's - any requests? or shall I just dust off "I wish it could be 1965 again")

The London Based Band were
Ricky Corvette (voc)
Kenny Corvette (guitar)
Johnny Corvette (bass)
Craig Corvette (drums)
Ronnie (Paris) Corvette (organ)

The A-side is also available on the Various Artists compilation Hang 11 (Mutant Surf Punks)

sounds & scans below



  1. Are these the same Corvettes who accompanied Nikki on a few records? Anyway, forget the Barracudas - all their great singles are still available on CD. Got any AIL SYMUDIAD instead?

  2. I think "Nikki & the Corvettes" were an all female band - this lot seem to have a different chromosome

  3. It's true that the Barracudas stuff is mostly available but I posted the "Summer Fun" single and Jeremy Gluck dropped by and sounded pleased with the posts and the reactions it got.

  4. Summer Fun is my favourite too. The fake radio ad at the beginning really cracks me up as much now as it did when it first came out. Did they ever make a promo video for it?

  5. is it on shattered records , if so then they are a Brighton band ( see punk brighton website for more details

  6. no - it's on "Bitchen records" which was a Beckenham based label.

    There are names on the sleeve & label that lead me to believe the above were
    Craig Major
    John Fryer
    which leaves Ken & Rick to be linked with the surnames Bayley & Dampier

    The Brighton band have a different sound (more female vocal New wave - Think Toyah & you're not far off - I'm sure they wouldn't thank me for that comment)