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Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Blitz Boys - Eddy's new shoes (1980)

b/w - 1.- Eddies friend
2- she told my friends

3 great mod/powerpop tracks recorded in Swindon (see it's not only roundabouts, Mark Lamarr & XTC)

the band were
Jeremy Phelps (voc)
Jonathan Ralphs (voc, guitar)
Barry Phillips (voc, guitar)
Andrew Smith (Bass)
Howard Toplis (Drums)

comped on "back to front vol 1" & "raw & rare British punk vol 2"

sounds & scans below



  1. Words can't describe how great "She Told My Friends" is!!

  2. yeah it is a good ep eddies new shoes is the top track for me . the other two not far behind

  3. One of the many records I heard on John Peel and had to track down immediately. Many thanks for posting this!

  4. She told my friends is a great track. They kind of remind me of the Moondogs.Nice post,thanks Bruce