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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chevy 57 - 57 (1981)

b/w - Alias Smith & Jones

Another 2 tunes from the pen & label of the mighty Peter Malski.

This was the 1st release (of 5) for his "Maestro Records" label - for the other 3 45's go here, here & here. For the LP you can give it a listen here.

Both sides are decent R 'n' R / new wave tunes although again I prefer the flip (anyone else remember that dodgy 70's western series)

The Band were a trio from Northampton and I believe this was their only release as unfortunately the drummer was involved in a serious car accident.

Gary Hitchcock - (voc guitar)
Mick Gross - (Bass)
John Coles - (Drums)

Sounds & scans below



  1. "...anyone else remember that dodgy 70's western series"

    Remember it??!? I can still 'do' the entire opening voiceover, word-for-word and inflection-for-inflection! I also remember the day Pete Duel died (very sad)...

  2. Thank you. fantastic rock and roll. Always great 7"s in this great site!!! Cheers,