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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Virus - (I'm not your) Stepping stone (1982)

b/w - Salute to the Afghan rebels

Ok to quell any confusion - No this is not H/C

The B (rough side, as the sleeve says) is is a bit more punk than I usually post but the A (smooth side) is a great romp through the "everyone must cover this" classic

the band were

Psyco S Whitehouse (voc)
Roger Reynolds (guitar)
Derek (bass)
Tim (drums)

I'd say they may be from the Dudley, West Midlands area, as that is where the 5th column record label was based but the seemingly, only other release after this (FC1) was the European pressing of the N.J band Nasty Facts with "drive my car"(FC2)

The other anomaly is that everywhere I've read give release dates of Oct 1981. Except music master which gives them both a Dec 1982 release. (I guess the US release was '81 & the Euro pressing was a year later - hence the confusion)

Anyone got any words of wisdom to clear this up!

sounds & scans below



  1. 5th Column was an off-shoot of Graduate Records. I'm not sure how accurate the Music Master dates are as sometimes they tend to list a bunch of releases from the same label with the same date (check how many Fried Egg records are dated 07/81?). Saying that, I bought this Virus single in early '83 in a reduced box. If I remember correctly it was still a fairly recent release, so the later part of '82 is about right. Oct '81 is correct for the US Nasty Facts, the UK issue was late '82.

  2. Talking of Fried Egg records - I've just upgraded my "Various artists - original mixed up kid" 45 (again). Anyone want to make me a decent offer (the address is on the right) - other wise it's going on ebay

    Thanks to Worthless Trash for the extra info

  3. the "Graduate Records & offshoots" Discography can be found at