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Thursday, 12 August 2010

the Switch - Switch e.p. (1978)

A1 - Coming home
A2 - She's so cruel
B1 - Every body knows
B2 - Raving around

I love this ep, it's got 4 tracks each trying something slightly different (yet still the same - work that out...answers on a postcard to...)
It's also got an over sized heavy plastic sleeve, which must have cost more than the record to produce!!

It's recorded in Sheffield so for arguments sake we'll say the band were from that area.

the band being

Marc Howard (voc, lead guiar, bass guitar)
Wynne Morris (rhythm guitar)
David Evans (drums, voc)

Apparently "the roadie" Phillip Jones deserves a mention as he wrote a lot of the lyrics to "coming home"

Although a Roger Hughes shouldn't be mentioned as he didn't bother to turn up (ex-band member perhaps!)

sounds & scans below



  1. Not sure if I remember this right now, but yes, I think Roger was a band member who cancelled on the day of the recording.

    This happened with The Broadside Outcasts too - their drummer quit on the day of the session.

  2. While I think about it - keep that sleeve far away from all vinyl: it's a 'haze' killer.