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Friday, 5 November 2010

Trwynau coch / Crach split 45 (1980)

A1 - Trwynau Coch - Methu dawnsio
B1 - Crach - Putain rhad

A1 - Red Noses - Can't dance
B1 - Scab -
cheap whore

Here's the 2nd 45 from the '79 recording session - go to my earlier post for the Band information

(Some of these 45's have a limited p/s which was only available when the 7" was purchased at gigs - I guess this one wasn't)

Crach have a link with Trwynau Coch in that they both utilized the talent of Pianist Huw Chiswell.

Wanna watch a strange video to Methu dawnsio

Sounds & scans below


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  1. A bit more rock'n'roll than their split E.P tracks but no less enjoyable!