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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Trwynau coch / Crach / Tanc / Cyffro - split 45 (1979)

A1 - Trwynau coch - Radio Cymru
A2 - Crach - Dangos y ffordd
B1 - Tanc - Ansicrwydd
B2 - Cyffro - Pam 'does neb yn dawnsio

A1- Red noses - Radio Wales
A2 - Scab - Show the way
B1 - Tank - Uncertainty
B2 - Buzz - Why nobody is dancing

As it was requested; here is the first of 2 split releases from the 8th/9th July 1979 recording sessions at Sain studios, gwernafalau, Wales. (the 2nd will be posted later in the week)

Trwynau coch (from yr Wyddgrug Clwyd) - feat; Rhys Harris (voc), Huw Eurig (gtr), Rhodri Williams (gtr), Alun Harris (bass), Aled Roberts (drums)
Crach - ?
Tanc - ?
(From Caernarfon) - feat; Malcolm Lloyd & Teri Owen (voc), Dave Roberts (gtr) (also of Last Chance UK), Derek Hughes (gtr), Huw Jones (bass), Merion Jones (drms), band reformed 2001

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you so much! I didn't even know this existed. Hearing three Welsh bands including two I'd never heard of plus a raw young "Radio Cymru"...it's a gas for a Welsh-a-phile like me. (I'm 33 and live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I'm Welsh on my mom's side, they immigrated after WWII, so I grew up on Rarebit and sea-infested fry-ups). My grandparents spoke the language but I could never wrap my tongue around it. I spent six months in Cardiff back in 1999 and think about moving there and the music is part of what draws me in. I guess it's the mix of exotic and familiar that I like about it, but sure there's some nationalism in me (it's usually the folks living "in exile" that get all nationalistic.} Anyway, thanks Bristolboy, you're doin' a saint's job and it's much appreciated.

  2. Welsh powerpop never sounded better than in this era - cheers Bruce!

  3. More gems!

    Diolch yn fawr.

  4. Thanks for the comments Nic - make sure you check out "pal a'r gwilliad cochion"