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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Rochdale Fairies - Edelweiss (1982)

b/w - Three Green Bottles

Strange that this has 17/11/82 on the label yet Spaceward studios (Cambridge) claim it was recorded there much earlier - read on

The Fairies were

Rosie Geary (voc)
Wendy Glock
Steve Kane
Simon Lague (bass)
Nigel Bee (Browning) (drums)

The story goes it's 1979 & Rock against Racism ask a bunch of Amersham based musicians to put a band together & play a fund raising gig that is happening in 2 weeks time (blues brothers anyone!)
This make-shift band do a few rehearsals then head into Spaceward studios to record these 2 songs for a record that's to be sold at the gig.
The gig came & went (they did 4 numbers, received an encore so did them again. Abba's Waterloo was one of the other tunes)
A 2nd gig followed at Whispers nightclub in Chesham with an additional guitarist (Cliff Levens) then the band fell apart.
The 45 was to be picked up by Carrere records but the A&R man doing the signing got seriously injured in a car crash so the deal just fell apart.

The above information was respectfully borrowed from here

Sounds & scans below



  1. A very good 45 Bruce! I think this was probably recorded between 79/80 although released more than a year later.
    Nice post!

  2. Thank for posting this. Great single. Fantastic vocals.

  3. Two great stompers,many thanks,your xmas singles series is great fun!