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Sunday, 7 November 2010

V/A - Spectacular Commodity EP (1979)

A1 - Mod Cons - Buildings of the 70's
A2 - XS Discharge - Machete shuffle
B1 - Sneex - Radiomania
B2 - The Poems - Posters on the wall
B3 - The Mentol errors - Irrelevance

Here's a requested 45, from a bunch of Paisley (Glasgow) bands. There is probably a track here for everyone. My pick is the Mod cons track.
BTW the Poems track is edited on the record it's not me getting bored of it.

If you want to know more about this recording, the label & the bands go here

This site is pretty good as well Vicious Riff

According to the Inside of the fold over sleeve (slightly different to the info given at shit-fi.com) the band members were
Mod cons - Wullie Henderson (voc), Steve McLardie (guitar), David Reid (guitar), Jim Baird (bass), Matt Pickett (drums)
XS Discharge - Paddy Docherty (voc guitar), Chick Docherty (bass voc), Alistair Emery (drums)
Sneex - Gary Waters (voc), Graham Devlin (guitar), Graham Thompson (guitar voc), Bob Howatt (bass), George Orr (drums)
The Poems - Drew McDowall (voc), Big Guy (guitar), Bob Howatt (bass), Gary Waters (drums)
The Mentol Errors - Davy O'Neil (voc), Tam O'Malley (guitar), Brendan Moon (bass), Eddie Cochrane (drums)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Rough-arsed and amateurish in places, but just what I like!

  2. I just got around to downloading this, your a hard guy to keep up with ! I have the Mentol Errors track on an old tape. I always wondered where it came from. Great song, yet another mistery solved. Do you know if they had anything else?? I could never find anything from them.Thanks Bruce, Great Post.

  3. According to 45 revs' the Mentol errors split up a couple of weeks after this was recorded but the bass player (Brendon Moon) went on to play with "Shady Deal","the Ocean","the kissing bandits" (who did a good cover of the Flamin groovies - shake some action) & "the Phantom chords".
    + the site mentioned above says Tam O'Malley now plays with Chik of XS Discharge in a Glasgow Reggae band called "Man at the window"

  4. Thanks for the info Bruce, is this record hard to find? I just noticed, I misspelled the word mystery. oh well, thanks again!!

  5. not too hard - it comes up for sale on e-bay every so often & I've seen it at record fairs a few times

  6. Moon and O'Malley were also in that 30 Bob Suits bunch.