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Friday, 26 November 2010

the Studioz - I Saw Her Standing There (1982)

b/w - Radio Radio

It's time for another Beatles cover
(although, I'll admit that the flip is the better track - once again a there's a bit to much synth on the A side for me)

The Studioz were from Edinburgh & this 45 (for reasons only known to their label) only had a proper release in Portugal

The Band were

Sammy Spiers (voc keyboards)
Scott Hendrie (guitar)
Wullie Robinson (guitar)
Stuart Tennant (drums) scroll down to page 25 for his info

Pop over to bored teenagers for more info - If anyone has the other track from the cassingle mentioned feel free to send me an mp3

Sounds & scans below



  1. Hi, here's the song you're requesting


  2. Thanks Sarah - Nice Tune - I've also just noticed you posted this 45 last year on Deadbeats (I don't like repeating posts but it's gonna happen sometimes)

  3. Hello,

    Portuguese Mayday Records released one CD of Studioz- "Time for the Beat".

  4. Hi guys, again.
    Rui de Castro here from Warm Records in Lisbon.
    Old stuff popping up!
    Warmest regards

  5. Btw: Do you have The Fred Banana Combo's No Destination Blues double A sided with Jerk Off All Nite Long, released by me on Warm Records? It's ref AWMR 2004 (UK Warm records of course) in pic sleeve! I need the mp3 of that lil number!
    Thanks in advance!
    Warm regards
    Rui de Castro aka Castrator
    PS: Sub-Published yes, sir by Castrator Music for the UK and Portugal (moi).

  6. Sorry I Don't have it! you could try going to


    & asking there - It seems they may own it!

  7. Studioz on Portugese TV!

    1. Thanks Chris, it's me on the far right of the screen on bass guitar.

      Warm Regards

      Rui de Castro