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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

the Stingrays - Unreleased track (1978)

What's It to dance to

A great unreleased track from the excellent Bristol band.
This was sent to me a couple of weeks ago by Russ (admittedly we had spoken about it a few times before)

Here's some info about the track in his own words:

"It was recorded at Sounds Conception on Ashley Road, Bristol on July 5th 1978.
Ken Wheeler, who did most , if not all of the Fried Egg Stuff, was the engineer,
Chris Bostock played Bass and Dean Sydney drums.
We recorded six songs that day including three we still play today, Mr Strut, Search Out and Sound.
I was playing my black Jedson Les Paul copy, which was stolen a couple of years later from the Crystal Theatre ,where a lot of the Fried Egg Bands rehearsed. It had the most powerful pickups, it sounds like I'm using an overdrive unit."

If you go to their myspace you'll note this recording is from their 2nd, of many line up's before any of their vinyl releases. You'll also find some new recordings &, that they are currently doing a mini tour of Japan!!

sounds & scans below



  1. Oooh, the link takes me to Yahoo Page Not Found with a picture of a naked lady! I'm corrupted!

  2. Ugh! I had saved all of the singles from this site, and then my hard drive crashed before I was able to back it up. Oh, well--downloading it all again shouldn't take more than a few hours. Thanks for posting all of these!

  3. Hmmm - I wondered why this hadn't had many downloads - Thanks, Graham --- The link has now been mended!!

  4. CheersBruce, got it now - a bit rawer than I expected but love it all the same!