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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Roxette - Roxette EP (1980)

A1 - Giving up the beer
A2 - Little Girl
B1 - Love will take it's toll
B2 - Hold me close

Very Nice 60's flavoured mod / powerpop ep from this Kent band (Tunbridge Wells area going by the sleeve)

I can't choose between A2 or B2 as my pick of this ep.

What I can tell you is there was a 2nd 45 in 1982 (which I think is even better) guess what's coming tomorrow!!

the Band on this 45 were

Paul (Wag) Waghorn (voc guitar)
Kevin Fowler (guitar voc)
Steve Wright (bass)
Barry Dence (drums)

Thanks to Wag for the extra info (see comments on both 45's)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much for this fantastic EP.

  2. you're welcome Woody (nice to see a new name in the comments)- no dis-respect to the usual suspects of course!!!

  3. Found this one a couple of years ago in a charity shop in Rochester. May Ebay this soon

  4. Just to clarify the line up on this release was,
    Paul Waghorn (Wag) now guitarist for Insane Society
    Kevin Fowler on electric guitar
    Steve Wright on Bass
    Barry Dence on Drums
    Tarquin and Jeremy Chatfield had nothing to do with this release but the follow ep had T & J credited to the songwriting whilst Tarquin played lead guitar.
    I defence of the name, we pinched it from Dr Feelgood then a few years later some Swedish band pinched it from us