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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Andy Watts and Cobra - Anna (1977)

b/w - I don't wanna fight

(This, their sole vinyl output was recorded @ Luton's Quest studios)

OK it's a record of 2 sides (obviously!!)

Anna is for all those of you that are partial to a bit of Hardrock (its a bit early for the NWOBHM but still works as a genre)
I don't wanna fight is a classy New wave / punk track that I think most of you will find interesting.

The band were

Colin Lickorish (voc)
John Lucey (guitar)
Chris Cook (guitar)
Alan Pepper (bass)
Andy Price -Watts (drums) - probably more famous for his part in the fake "Roswell autopsy video"

Sounds & scans below



  1. Anna's a good song, love the guitar line. Thanks Bruce

  2. This is great - I thought I was playing an unknown Vic Godard song for a moment. Excellent post

  3. The alien autopsy MOVIE with Ant & Dec is really quite good, you know.

  4. Hello! please if anyone out there got a copy of this 7" single for sale let me know! write to famcorby@libero.it