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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thane - Romance Down The Drain (1981)

b/w Transparent Love

Cool slice of New wave for this, the bands 2nd (& final) 45. - The 1st being Traffic Jam / Frankie Boy also on Badge records (I've included a badge discography in the download for those interested)

The London based band were
Paul Thane (Voc)*
Neil Fitch (Guitar voc)
Dave O'Willams (bass voc)
Phil Fortesque Longden (keyboards)*
Steve Cussack (drums)

* both were later in "Fear Of Flying"

Traffic Jam was also on the 101 club various LP "Beyond The Groove"

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you!. I have been looking for this and it was recently on eBay for very cheap and I forgot to bid. Can you believe that? It went for almost nothing and I have been kicking myself for being preoccupied with less-important things.

    This post inspired me to post the Fear of Flying "Balancing Act" 7" on Napomm:

    and their other one "Tired" is on T&W:

  2. Many thankx for this. Another gem in this fantastic site.

  3. Thane - Romance Down The Drain is a completly different band to the Fear of Flying band that did Tired. Yes Thane did change there name in 1982 to F of F, but never did a sone called Tired and they don't even sound alike.
    I was involved is both Thane and later F of F from 1979 until they split and they have been friends on mine since then.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jonnoa (I'm not surprised they are different bands - as you point out "a completely different sound") - any extra info (band members etc.)you can provide for the post would be greatly appreciated......