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Monday, 13 June 2011

T 34 - Computer Dating (1981)

b/w - Mind Your Own Business

1st of (I think) only 2 45's from this London based Rock / New wave band. This was recorded at the Spaceward Studios & engineered by Mike Kemp.

The 2nd being "Rock On/Looking After Me (Looking After You) - Galaxy Records 1982 - Released Feb '83"

The Band comprised of

Steve Williams (Voc) 
Mick Clee (Guitar) 
Colin Stuart (Bass Voc) 
John Baker (Drums) 
Wayne Baker (Keyboards)

Drummer John Baker can be found playing with The Anthologists

There is a pic sleeve for this but my copy is amiss

Sounds & scans below



  1. Excellent! I like this more than ''Rock On'' Thanks a lot Bristolboy.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brian - I think the flip of "Rock on" is the better track of that 45

  3. Hey !
    just stumbled on this website,i played bass with T34 for many years,and have happy memories making this and other singles with the band.we had great fun.playing live was
    a real blast.

  4. Hi Colin (I Guess) thanks for the comment - can you fill in the blanks above? (who played what etc.)

  5. Sure.
    Steve williams vocs
    colin stuart bass/vocs
    mick clee guitar
    john baker drums
    wayne baker keyboards