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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Performance - Sensation Extension (I Need) (1981)

b/w - Sandman

Another 2 sides of D.I.Y. /Post-punk (& again I'm preferring the flip - the crunching sound at the start is, I believe meant to be there)

The band were from Manchester see here, they began life in 1978 as a trio called "58 Variety" (was there a can of Heinz beans around, when they were looking for inspiration by any chance)

Phil Crompton (voc)
Stefan Korab (Guitar)
Phil Walsh (keyboards)

After placing an ad in NME & other music weeklys in late '79 they became a 5 piece, adding
Kevin Mills (bass)
Bernie (drums)

When they played Live there was also miming from Paul & ballet from Phil C's then girlfriend

Thanks to LDK for the info (see comments)

Sounds & Scans Below



  1. Yes, it's the Manchester band (Stefan Korab, Philip Crompton). They have a track on "Unzipping The Abstract". Synth player Phil Walsh was then in The Toy Shop, and did stuff for Divine etc.

  2. Just discovered I seem to no longer have my copy of this. Where'd it go? Not happy. Need one.

  3. There was a copy on "music stack" earlier today but it seems to have gone now!