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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Naturals - Six Girls And Alice (1981)

b/w - Your Bravery

Cool skinny tie new wave from this quartet

Stu Kinsey (Voc guitar)
Col (bass voc)
Ian (drums voc)
Steve (keyboards voc)

Recorded at the lodge but there are thanks to the Alaska studios so I guess they were London based!

This had a print run of 1000 for "Just For the Record" & was then picked up by "Logo Records" for release late '82

There's some nice band member shots here

Sounds & Scans below



  1. From Hitchin, Herts. I think? The Lodge was a studio based in a farmhouse in Clare, Suffolk owned by the prog band The Enid. Engineer Martin Russell was in The Enid. Strangely, the Logo re-issue seems to be less common.