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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Continentals - Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) (1979)

b/w - (I Lost My Love On A) 747

London based U.S. boys with a UK release - I'm not sure if this 45 or for that matter their 2nd - Housewives' Delight/Thing's That Go Bump (In The Night)* ever got a U.S. release. I know there was a 10" on Epic in 1980 (Available Here) & possibly a 12" release of the same tracks in Canada.

Still that doesn't detract from this being an excellent powerpopper from the Trio
Thomas Doherty
William Holliday
Alan Harris

Both their 45's were produced by Tommy "Ramone" Erdely & their manger at the time was Doug Smith (Motorhead's manager)

As you can see by the labels in the download it was due for a 6th July release but was postponed until the 20th.

Doherty & Holliday went straight on to produce & write for Whirlwind

* I've only ever seen demo's of their 2nd CBS single - anyone know if it got a proper release

Sounds & scans below



  1. Nice post Bruce, I think I have the 10" of this. At least I used to anyway, I think it's easier to come by than the single version.

  2. Fantastic!!! Great power pop. Thank you very much for this single.