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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Zorkie Twins - Mr. Simpson (1980)

b/w From Now On

Nice Sounds from this Birkenhead based New Wave / Mod act, operating out of Buckley/Hawarden and Chester [1979 - 1981]

Mike Kendrick (Voc Guitar)
Colin Miller (Guitar Voc)
Paul Bedford (Bass)
John Roberts (Drums).

Their first recording dates from June 1979 and was a track "Sooner or Later" on the Merseyside independant label Skeleton Records 7" EP compilation Blank Tapes Vol. 1 [SKL 002 Released 14-12-1979] Produced by John Brierley owner and manager of the Cargo Studios in Rochdale  (NB - If you follow the link, have a look at the Studio Planners)

Bulls Head 1980 L-R  Paul Mike John
 In June 1980 The band released their Sole 45 "Mr. Simpson / From Now On" - Skeleton records [SKL 6]

In November of the same year they provided another track "Little Arthur" to the Compilation LP "...A Trip to the Dentist" again For Skeleton Records [SKLLP 1] 

After the demise of the band in 1981, Colin Miller (Voc, Guitar), Paul Bedford (Bass) & John Roberts (Drums) went on to form The Rhythm Squad.

Useless Info - Other (Unreleased) Tracks by the band include - Close Encounters Of Girl Kind/Tracks To My Heart/Don't Push Me/She's So Pretty/Too Good To Be True [info from myspace]

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Offspring - Get It Right (1983)

 b/w Doctors And Nurses

2 Psych-lite tunes (that would have easily fit on the recently updated "Another Splash Of Colour" Compilation) from this Bethesda based band.

Members included
Les "Paul" Morrison (Voc, Bass) RIP (ex Cut The Mustard & later in Mwg)
Alan Williams (Guitar)
Mik-E Punk [Sion Jones] (Guitar)
Hefin Huws (Drum, Voc) (later of Maffia Mr Huws, Anhrefn, Llwybr Cyhoeddus) 
Quapa (Backing Voc)
Tracy Kennedy (Backing Voc)

The 45 was recorded at Blue Cave Studio in Ystalyfera, Swansea Valleys & released on Cottage Records Both being run by Richard ‘Moz’ Morris’ (Vortex/Trobwll).

The other Recorded output from this time was a Radio Session for John Peel [Recorded 27/04/83, Aired 05/05/83] - The 4 tracks were:
One More Night / Beautiful Eyes / Baby / Round And Round - If anyone has this, please send it
& a 2nd 45 Nota Sad Song/One More Night - Offspring OP001 (1984) 

Morrisons’ greatest contribution was as a Producer and his [8 Track] Studio, Stiwdio Les, on Bethesda High Street, was an important landmark in the Welsh Language Scene throughout the ’90s. He recorded an array of bands there as well as producing many others at the Sain Studios at Llandwrog and Recordiau Fflach in Cardigan.
Morrison went on to spend many years working for the Super Furry Animals as a guitar and sound technician and toured extensively with them throughout Europe, America, Australia and Japan.
On the day of his death (29-04-2011) Gruff Rhys wrote on his blog:
“He was a tireless friend and mentor to countless musicians and producers not only in Bethesda and Wales, but with his exemplary social skills and unflinching spirit of adventure, he befriended and touched people’s hearts the world over.”

For a nice tribute & decent photos go here

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Prefects - I Wanna Make Love (1982)

b/w Up All Night

"Percolated Pop dressed in Scraggy Schoolboy Uniforms" (M. Jarrett) Or "Cool Powerpop" from this Perth 4 piece (1979-82)

Doug Allmark - Voc Bass
Tom Matthews - Guitar Voc
Michael Wiltshire - Guitar Voc
Brad Mack - Drums

Discography (2 45's)
L To R Tom, Brad, Doug & Michael
Wait Until Midnight / Little Boys -Infinity K-8487 - 1981
I Wanna Make Love / Up All Night -Infinity K-8682 - 04-1982
both being recorded at the "AAV"  Recording Studios in Melbourne,

There are 2 earlier unreleased tracks recorded Live on Shirl's Neighbourhood (1980) available on You-Tube Restless Nights & Breaking The Rules
The Band then being : Douglas Stehelin Allmark [Voc Bass], Leo Glass [Lead Guitar Voc- later in attcha], Michael Wiltshire [Rhythm Guitar Voc], Brad Mack [Drums],  John Nyman [Keys - later in Geisha]

Wait Until Midnight is Comped on the Pop Power From The Garage (Australian Power Pop 74-86) CD 2014

Useless Info - Drums on The Wait Until Midnight 45 were allegedly played by Rick Evans (I guess [if true] Brad couldn't be bothered to make the journey over to Melbourne?)

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

3 Imaginary Boys - Let It Go (1980)

b/w Against The World

Great Punk / Powerpop from this Forest of Dean (Cinderford) Gloucesterhire Trio 

If you like the Mod Revival Sound of the Early 80's then give this a go, especially Against The world

Oliver "Ollie" Cherer - (Voc, Guitar, Keys)
Steve "Studge" Worgan - (Bass, Voc)   Now in The Dirk Spangle Five 
Studge, Wog & Ollie
Mark "Wog" Worgan - (Drums, Voc)   Ex Trial Offer (1979-81)

Recorded at the infamous Loco Studios Llanhennock, Nr Usk, Monmouthshire, NP18 1LU, Wales

Useless Info - The name 3 Imaginary Boys is presumably named after The Cure's 1979 Debut LP of the same name

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Tour De Force - Beat The Clock (1981)

b/w - Undecided

Great New Wave from this London based, Harvey Goldsmith managed all girl group (1978-1982)

Carol Stocker (Voc on 1st 45) - Ex Zigoyna, replaced by Viv Corringham  (Voc) - Ex Zigoyna 
Deirdre Cartwright (Guitar Voc) - Ex Painted Lady*  
Bernice Cartwright (Bass Voc) RIP ex Ivy Benson Showband
Jackie Crew (Drums Voc 1979-80) - Ex Mother Superior, replaced by Val Lloyd (Drums Voc 1980-82) - Ex Painted Lady*    

Night Beat/Tour De Force - United Artists - 1980 (Released July 1980)
School Rules/We Don't Talk - Phantom - 1981 (Released Nov 1981) 
Beat the Clock/Undecided - Wongo - 1981 (Released June 1982)

Unreleased Live Track Scandal c1979 along with some great old photos here

TdeF @ The Greyhound, London
*Painted Lady [1975-78]
Conceived as a pub covers band, school friends from Wandsworth, South London, Kim McAuliffe (Voc, Rhythm Guitar) and Dinah Enid Williams (Voc, Bass) together with Deirdre Cartwright (Lead Guitar) & Tina Gayle (Drums) formed an all-girl group. Val Lloyd replaced Gayle on drums and they started playing the local pub scene. When Cartwright left in late '77 her place was briefly taken by visiting American Kathy Valentine, who answered an ad in the back pages of "Melody Maker" When Valentine returned to the United States in 1978 [forming the Textones and later joining The Go-Go's] Painted Lady broke up.
McAuliffe and Williams still wanting to pursue a musical career recruited Kelly Johnson (lead guitar) and Denise Dufort (Drums) & in April 1978 the new line-up changed their name to Girlschool [taken from the B-side of the 1977 Paul McCartney & Wings 45 "Mull of Kintyre"]

Useless Info 1 - Carol Stocker was backing vocalist on the 1980 LP's Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Chance & Aviator - Turbulence

Useless Info 2 - Towards the end of TdeF's tenure Deirdre Cartwright was also playing with the Jazz/Latin group The Guest Stars & it was one lunchtime In 1983, busking be-bop tunes in Covent Garden with two other "Guest Stars" that Deirdre was spotted by producer Chris Lent who offered her the job of guitar presenter on the BBC's ground-breaking show Rockschool. The two series of BBC TVs Rockschool attracted audiences of 2 million viewers every week in the UK and were subsequently shown worldwide. 

Scans & Sounds for all 3 45's

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Word - I Think I'm Falling In Love (1980)

b/w Angel

Great Powerpop from this Canberra band (1978-80)

Michael (Spike) Moriarty (Voc, Guitar) Now In "The Gadflys"
Terry Sounder (Voc, Guitar) later in "No Concept"
Frankie Villegas (Bass)
Darcy Deegan (Drums)

Also Rans were Peter Palij (Guitar) & Archie Van Der Glass (Bass)

Even though they satrted life in Camberra, they soon made the move to Sydney, living in Bondi Beach and regularly playing the local dives (The Metropole Tavern, Astra Hotel etc).
Aparently they called it a day just before an organized nationwide tour was about to begin.

The 45 was released on Festival subsidiary Infinity with Festival house producer Martin Erdman sat behind the desk.

Spike, Darcy & Frankie
Some more info here

If you want more info on the Canberra Punk Scene go here

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Ways - Thursday (1981)

 b/w - Was It Real?

Classic Powerpop from this Northern (Union) New Jersey Quartet  
Ira Spinrad (Gtr,Voc) 1986-Now The Hammers
Mike Andreola (Gtr,Voc) 
Gene O'Brien (Bass)
Mark Papianni (Drums)

In 1981, 4 friends from Union and Newark, New Jersey got together to make a record. They commited to tape "Thursday" and "Was It Real" at Century Sound Studios in Sayreville, N.J.

Their Sole 45 was Produced by Paul (Plonka) Christopher and Engineered by Sam DeSalvo. It was Mastered by Bob Speiden, in North Plainfield.

The Picture Sleeve was designed by local DJ and "Power House" Tattoo artist, Diane Farris.

After it's release, the Ways played live shows for about 6 months before calling it a day.

L-R - Mark, Mike & Ira
Side A is Comped on Powerpearls Vol 7 
Side B is Comped on Teenline Vol 5  

Useless info 1 - Gene O'Brien had a brief stint in the Modulators

Useless info 2 - Century Sound Studios was also used by Jon Bon Jovi for some of his early recordings.

If you want to get hold of a copy of this 45 contact Ira on their Facebook page.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Les Playboys - Loup-Garou EP (1982)

Les Playboys - Loup-Garou EP (1982)

A1 - Loup-Garou
A2 - Je Perds Mon Temps
B1 - Le Roi Des Fous
B2 - L'Homme De Tanger

Great 60's Beat / Garage from this French (Nice) Mod Band

François Albertini (Voc)
Michel Nègre (Guitar/Keys)
Frederic Martinez (Guitar)
Franck Durban (Bass)
Philippe "Fifi" Lejeune (R.I.P. 1990)(Drums)

From the Ashes of "High School Friends" Punk Band "Dentists" (1976-79)[Members being : François Albertini (V), Jean-Marc Seni (G),Pierre Nègre (G), Frank Durban (B), Philippe Lejeune (D)] arose Les Playboys (1980 -) with their particular brand of 60's Garage Rock.

As they are still playing, I'll leave it to you to read about them but...

Useless info 1 - They used to have a group of 8 "60's Go-Go Girls" called "Ginettes" (Chicks in English) backing them on stage

Uselss Info 2 - François Albertini once stood in for Vocal duties at a Fleshtones Gig as Peter Zaremba
was stuck in Mexico due to an airline strike.

I've also included their 2nd 45 in the d/load

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Bore-Town Bop - Try (1981)

b/w Surf's Up!

2 great XTC type tunes on the sole release, from this Reading based 4 peice.

Colin Williams (Voc, Guitar)
Gary Murgatroyd (Bass)*
Simon Price (Drums)
Philip Tennant (Keys)*

With the aid of (amongst others) Martin Maynard who was the director of Audiogenic Limited (1979-81) [AKA Sun 8 Track Recording studios]

They later became "The Early Stuff" (The name apparently being a pun on the "Erleigh Rd" area in Reading)

The 45 did procure a few plays by John Peel on his show & got a pithy review from Charlie Gillett in the Singles Pages of  Smash Hits (20 08 1981)

* I'm not entirely sure this info is correct

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart (1980)

b/w (Rise Of The) Appliances

Nice Punk/Powerpop from this Dewsbury, West Yorkshire based Duo (1980-81)

Paul Metcalf, AKA Slick Vinex, AKA Victor Vendetta, AKA Paul Klein (Voc, Guitar, Keys)
Mick "MJ" Reed (Drums)

Prior to Pop-Tones they had been 1/2 of New Wave band Psykik Volts (1978-80). The other 2 being Nathan Teen AKA Norman Hormone (Rhythm Guitar) & Russ McDonald (Bass).
After releasing a 45 in 1979 (Totally Useless/Horror Stories #5 - Ellie Jay Records EJSP 9262) Psykik Volts signed to Graduate records & recorded 4 songs (2 of which were different versions of this 45) These were not available until the 2007 CD  Psykik Volts – Re-Volting 

In 1980 Victor Vendetta & MJ signed to Rockburgh Records, became Pop-Tones (After the P.I.L track) & released the re-recorded tracks Wooden Heart / (Rise Of The) Appliances as a 45 on Square records.

In '81 Paul joined Philip Walsh as Toy Shop (Synth Pop duo) releasing The Maze / Live Wires Kill - Clockface Records CLOCK 1 & Mick joined 1919

Square Records (A subsidary of Rockburgh?) had 5 7" Releases

SQS 1 - Viva - Radio Saviour/ Mr Mystery ....01/80 
SQS 2 - Horsepower - Outrageous!/ Highway Robbery....
SQS 3 - Aerial FX - So Hard/ It's About Time ...  12/12/80
SQS 4 - Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart/(Rise Of The) Appliances ... 19/12/80
SQS 5 - Airkraft - Move In Rhythm/ Pumping Iron  ...20/02/81 

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