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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Visions - Paper Kids (Life In Books) (1982)

b/w - The Ghost

Cool Powerpop on the A-side with a more XTC orientated B-side.

Even though this is a Dutch only release (Top Hole Records - June 1982) the band were from the UK (Chailey, East Sussex)

Dave Haw (Voc Guitar)
Steve Reeve (Guitar Voc)
Charles P.Q. Foley (Bass)
V. J. Blake (Drums) 

The 2 sides were recorded at different times in different countries with different producers.
Paper kids - Recorded December 1981 at Blue Tape Studios Luinjeberd, Heerenveen, Holland. Produced by Michel Hoogenboezem
The Ghost - Recorded May 1981 at Safesounds Mobile Studio in Chailey,UK.
Produced by Doug Siviter & Phil Siviter (If you do one thing today follow this link) the brothers are infamous for giving us the earlist recorded output from Bruce Dickinson (1977) & for being the brains behind The Shots 

After The Visions, Steve Reeve and Charley Foley along with Mick Neaves (Drums) became LAT - (releasing 2 tracks on the VA LP Tracks On The Green). Steve was also a member of "Over Seven Foot Long Soul Band" & more recently The Koan Brothers

The band apparently gets a brief mention in "International Discography Of The New Wave Vol. 2"

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Finally - if you want this 45, it looks like you can still pick up copies from Top Hole

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  1. Bruce - thanks for a nifty little single and the great Phil Siviter link - Billy Idol indeed! Those trousers!