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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Roy Hill - From The Bottom Of My Heart (1980)

b/w - And Two Three Four

Nice pop/rock on the A-side & an ever nicer track on the flip - I'd say someone had been listening to XTC.

I'm posting this as a follow on to an earlier post (you'll need to have a look to understand the next bit) The dead wax has HS 404 scratched out & 3 scratched in (someone really cocked up at the mastering / pressing stage)

If you want to know about Roy then there's a bio from May '78 in the download or a plethora of info here (strangely no mention of this 45 though)

There's a myspace that also fills in some of the gaps.

I suspect the players on this 45 were the same as those on the 2nd Peel session

Roy Hill (Guitar Voc)
John Knightsbridge (Guitar)
Chas Cronk (Bass)
Tony Fernandez (Drums)
Mike Taylor (Keyboards Voc)
Peter "Bimbo" Acock (Sax Voc)

Early Discography

Marionettes / More - Arista Records (1978)
George's Bar / He's Coming Back - Arista Records (1978)
Roy Hill - Arista Records (1978) LP
I Like, I Like, I Like / Taller Of The Two - Arista Records (1978)
From The Bottom Of My Heart / And Two Three Four - Scratch Records (1980)
Vancouver Nights / Can You Hear Me Callin' - Attic Records (Canada Only) (1981)

Peel Sessions

It Can Take A Lifetime / Melody Avenue / I Like, I Like, I Like / More / It's Only My Life - Recorded 12-06-78 / Aired 27-06-78
[players - Roy Hill (Guitar voc), Ross McGenny (Guitar), Gary Twigg (Bass), Colin Wilkinson (D), Mike Taylor (K), Peter Acock (Sax)]
Baby Don't Pretend / Small Adventurer / The Loser / TV Detective -
Recorded 02-04-79 / Aired 09-04-79
[players -Already mentioned above]

Sounds & Scans

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