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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tom Cotton's Truth Hurts - Who Needs Friends (1980)

b/w - Boogie Street

Interesting A-side from this North East based band of which I know very little about.

Tom Cotton (voc)
Pat Mount (guitar voc)
Bopper Robson (bass voc)
Robert Zipfel (drums) later in Badge
Doc Montana (keyboards)

with help from Lido Jackson & his guitar on Boogie Street

The flip is not really my cup 'o tea nor the funky guitar, it's his voice that makes me want to listen to it again (I'm reminded of someone else but I really can't put my finger on it.)

As usual when I can't tell you much about the band I'll pad it out with other snippets; such as; it was probably recorded at the Fairview Studios in Hull as the recording engineer was Roy Neave &  it was produced by Nigel Ward

Scant info here but you can hear both sides of the drummers later NWOBHM band Badge on You-Tube here & here

The Record was released on Evolution Records* so here's a discography of the 45's (N.B. most of the sleeves [If they have one] are poster sleeves)

EV1 - The Plague - In Love / Wimpy Bar Song (Oct 1979)
EV2 - Truth Hurts - Who Needs Frieds / Boogie Street (March 1980)
EV3 - Morgan - One More Day / Princeton (March 1980)
EV4 - The Plague - Out With Me All Night / Er? / I Don't Want To Be Like Jimmy (April 1980)
EV5 - Tom Paxton - Feed The Children / That's The Way It Seems To Me (April 1980)
EV6 - John Ian - Don't Slow Down /Love Love Love Love Love (May 1980)
EV7 - Dolly Dots - Radio / Please Stay (May 1980)
EV8 - Tom Paxton - Be A Sport Afghanistan / Outlaw (June 1980)
EV9 - Paul Ringer - Something To Live For / Scarlet Ribbons (Dec 1980)

* Evolution Records was a subsidiary of RCA [whose warehouse staff had a tendancy to "Strike" at a moments notice] - I guess that's why these records are hard to locate.

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