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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Boys In Darkness - Back To France (1981)

b/w - A Man An Island

2 tracks of Post-punk (more New wave with prominent Synth) from this Scottish [Bathgate] band

Dave Gilhooly - (Voc)
Richard Wade - (Guitar)
Mike McCann - (Bass) - same guy that played with Hey Elastica! ?
Colin Laverty - (Drums)
Dave Milne - (Keyboards)

This 45 was released twice in '81 - 1st in October on the Bid for Freedom label [7" & 12" format - no p/s]. Then again in late November on the E.D.M. Champagne label [7" & 12" format - with p/s] - (Although their names on the label Of the EDM pressing are D Gillhooly (voc) G Wade (guitar) M McAneny (bass) C Laverty (drums) D Milne (keyboards)

Dave Gillhooly (An Art lecturer) wrote - "Back to France was written about a late night return to a Paris hotel. The Blackened tongue referred to, was after a night of drinking red wine and arguing about the impact of colour in Scottish Landscape painting."

Just speculating; but I suspect the 2nd pressing was to coincide with them scoring the support slot on the 2nd leg of the Stranglers La Folie Tour

21.01.82 Sheffield Polytechnic
22.01.82 Aberystwyth University
23.01.82 Leicester University
24.01.82 Day Off
25.01.82 Brighton Top Rank
26.01.82 Guildford Civic Hall
27.01.82 St Austell Colliseum
28.01.82 Hemel Hempstead Pavilion
29.01.82 Hanley Victoria Halls
30.01.82 Swindon Oasis
31.01.82 Poole Arts Centre
01.02.82 Bristol Locarno
02.02.82 Day Off
03.02.82 Derby Assembly Rooms
04.02.82 Warwick University
05.02.82 Ipswich Gaumont
06.02.82 Portsmouth Guildhall
07.02.82 Leeds Tiffanys
08.02.82 Hammersmith Odeon

Back To France / A Man An Island - Bid For Freedom Records - 7”/12” (1981)
Back To France / A Man An Island - EDM Champagne Records - 7”/12” (1981)
Heart Of Darkness / Under the Bridge - Parlophone Records - 7”/12” (1984)

Sounds & scans below



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  2. do you have the 1984 12" Heart of Darkness to post on here?

    1. I've only got the 7" - but they are cheap to pick up if you scour the net!

  3. hi again.....please post that 1984 7" if you wouldnt mind,that would be nice....cheers

    1. Here's the 45


      It's not getting a post as I don't really like it that much + all the info I know is above

  4. I picked up the EDM Champagane 7 of this in a record store today.This is about one of the only detailed accounts of the band that I can find online.