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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Intelligents - Take It From The Top (1979)

b/w - Superdrain

OK - First off, Ignore the A-side & listen to the flip. It's decent New wave in a sort of Buggles meets BA Robertson way.

I know nothing about the band, I think they may have been led by Alan something or other.

There were as far as I know 2 other 45's but if they're like the A side they are probably going to fall into the "Pop trying to be Disco by a person that knows New Wave is all the fashion"

Discography (as far as I know)

Rocking Band / Wardance - Atlantic K11162 (June 1978)
Take It From The Top / Superdrain - Atlantic K11292 (May 1979)
Sorry / When We Dance - Atlantic K11408 (November 1979)

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Never heard this before but you're right, the flip is a pretty good number to my ears! x