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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Times Square - Joanne (1983)

B1 - Everytime
B2 - Road To Morocco

Excellent Mod (60's flavoured), powerpop from this North East (Sunderland) based band.

Recorded Feb '83 & released June '83 through (I Believe) North East Music Records.

The Band members were

Hilton Heslop (Voc)  
Jim Dryden
Neil Watson
Paul McDonough

Apparently the band split up shortly after the 45 was released but reconvened as a 3 peice late '83 minus Neil Watson.

It was recorded at Terry Gavaghan's Guardian Studios (having a Guardian Records N' Tapes release number of  GRC 240) & released on their own "Lets Go Records"

I personally prefer Everytime but Joanne is also a great track


  1. Top single. Thanks very much for the upload. Heard the lead track about a year ago (loved it) and have been curious to hear the rest ever since.

  2. Excellent single! Thanks for sharing it. Incidentally, you wouldn't happen to have Biz Internationale's Stay True single, would you? We're having a horrible heat wave in the US, and I was listening to Ronnie Mayor's Can't Wait 'Till the Summer Comes to try to cheer myself up about it, and saw that he later did the Biz Internationale single.

  3. Yeah I've got the "Biz internationale" 45 - I'll post it soon. I warn you it's not his best work!!!!

  4. Nice to see a comment from you Frank..........!

  5. Thank you very much for this fantastic single.

  6. Thanks for posting this - brings back some memories. The band were together for a couple of years and played the north east pubs and night clubs.Only Neil Watson is still playing in bands ('Feed the Bear') while I'm doing solo acoustic stuff. How did you get hold of this?

    1. just found the single in a collection I have just bought, is it rare?

    2. It's out of the '76-'82 collecters remit but still on quite a few Mod/powerpop collectors wants lists. Probaby 500-1000 pressed. With p/s & Insert (some have letters)seems to go for £50-£100 on e-bay.