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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dee And The Cheetahs - You To Me (1980)

b/w - Touch Me

Cool New Wave from this Doncaster (Armthorpe) 4 peice. (Touch me being the better track if you ask me)

Dee (voc)
Malc Walker (Guitar)
Tim Bradley (Bass Keyboard voc)
Jan Carline (Drums)

The 45 was produced by Jan's brother (?) Jeff Carline (Guitarist for Uncool Danceband) & they were Managed by Father, Frank Carline.

Dee, Tim & Jan had previously been 3/4 of  The Shy Tots who released 3 tracks on 2 compilation LP's
Logical Steps (Waiting For Stardom & Oyster)
Bouquet Of Steel (Robot Maid) - d/l the LP here
The remaining member of  The Shy Tots (who kept the name) was Dennis Hardcastle who went on to release another 45 under the name in 1982 (Gallery) - If you followed the link you'll have noticed the new band also incorporated Ex-Fall member Yvonne Paulette on keyboards & Tim again on Bass.

Previous to The Shy Tots, Tim had also played on the (1978) Charlie Webster – No Horse Town LP & post Dee & The Cheetahs he took over bass duties from Mathew Seligman in the Louth (Lincolnshire) band Still Life. He currently gives Bass tuition if your interested in a new career

For a while I wondered if  Dee was the same singer as in Dee & The Monitors (apparently not!)

You To Me & Touch Me are both on You Tube to save you downloading the tracks

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  1. This appears all over the net as Dee and The CheetALS because of the ambiguous way the letters are written on the sleeve. Can you confirm once and for all that the labels say CheetAHS Bruce?

  2. Hi Graeme thanks for the comment. It gives me a chance to address that (I had noticed - it's even been sold on e-bay as Cheetals - Razor this could be your fault BTW). If you download the file & look at the back of ths sleeve it actually says "Dee & the Cheetahs equiptmant supplied by..."
    The word "cheetah" is in the shape of a Cat - "C" is its tail, "S" it's head & the "H"s have been stretched to make it's legs -

    Note to Razor (short sharp kick in the teeth) if you read this - I'm only kidding! - I would not have picked this up if it wern't for your post a few years back + I only noticed the Shy Tots link a few months ago so thought I'd repost with info.

  3. haha ! You're a nutty boy !! Cheers and thanks for the post !!

  4. Who knows if it's true, but this commenter on youtube says that Dee from Dee & the Monitors was Stephanie DeSykes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8rFVqVO4xs

  5. Hey thanks for the blog. I found a VG copy in a charity shop today and have been trying to find something more about them

    1. Hi
      This is Jan from Dee & The Cheetahs
      We split up in 1980 but Dee is still singing and living in Spain

    2. Hi Jan, Thanks for the info. Anything else you can remember about the band?
      What yourself & the other members are doing now,
      Dee's surname,
      Other tracks played/covered live etc