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Friday, 6 April 2012

Atom - Oh I'll Never Get Over You (1979)

b/w - I Could Never Take Her Away From You

Catchy as hell A-side from the pen of Claude Taylor - I warn you, once heard not forgotten!

It's hard to describe but I'd say a Bubblegum / Glam / New Wave Pub Rocker, which should cover it!

It's released on the Belgium / Holland label Lark

I can't tell you anything about the band except (I'm guessing here) that they were probably brought together for this release by Bobby Patrick & at least one of them is from our fair Isles.

The production (Tommy Boyce) / engineering (Phil Chapman) team are also of a decent calibre, with the tracks being licenced from Interworld Music Ltd (set up by John Velasco for the British end of the publishing house Bertelsmann Group (BMG), in 1977)

The B-side is an "Essex Boy" version of the (also 1979 released) USA Couchois Album track

Useless information -  Boyce & Chapman had earlier been the backroom boys for the Autographs 45

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  1. Thank you very much for this.

  2. you're welcome - 150 d/loads so far, so it's caused a bit of interest (anyone else want to say what they thought of it?)

  3. 'catchy as hell' hardly even covers it - I have a weakness for Brit-novelty songs like this. So thanks.