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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Elti Fits - Elti-Fits EP (1980)

A - Their Grip
AA1 - Going Straight
AA2 - Letterbox

Post Punk From this Manchester based Band (I say Manchester based; as the only actual Mancunian was the Drummer. The Singer was from Loughborough & the other 2 from London)

Sarah Keynes (voc)
Graham Elis (guitar 2nd bass keyboard voc) later in momo & The Dodo's & life
Nigel Ross (bass)
Karl Burns (drums) ex -Fall (apparently he has left & rejoined them a mind boggling 9 times) + playing with P.I.L. / the Teardrops / Bok Bok , seemingly concurrently with Elti-Fits & live with ex-Fall members Blue Orchids in Mid '81 when they were support to Echo & the Bunnymen.

The band's short lifespan appears to be Mid '79 - Early '81 although don't hold me to that! - During that time they played some pretty prestigious gigs including "Stuff the Superstars" at the Mayflower

This was their sole 45 (recorded at Rochdale's Cargo Studios) but there is more recorded output if you dig deeply:
Peel Session 04/09/1979 - Factory Room / Letter Box / Reject / Song - recorded at Maida Vale studio 4, produced / engineered by Bob Sargeant & Mike Robinson (Aired 29/09/79)
30 Miles Of Torment availabe on the Live At Leigh Rock Festival 27/08/79 Bootleg
Rebel Rebel availabe on Deeply Vale Festivals DVD

Useless information 1 - The photocopied sleeve is of the Charles Barry Crescent Estate in Hulme which is the address on the back of the sleeve - so I guess they lived (squatted?) there!

Useless information 2 - Their manager Paula Cooke (née Greatbatch) worked under the name of Ruth Putrid

Can anyone tell me why John Robb's book - The North Will Rise Again (Manchester Music City 1977 - 96) completely ignores this band?

Sounds, Scans & other goodies below



  1. Thanks very much Bristolboy, been after this one for a while. I don't suppose you've got the Out On Blue Six "Party Mood" 12" have you?

  2. Thank you for this one sir! What a great unique little record!

  3. Hi Styreneboy - Sorry I've not heard it - I only know them from the Armageddon VA LP "Moonlight Radio" - there are copies of the 7" available here


  4. this is such a treat to hear, i really appreciate the upload and the intel about where to find the peel session.

    & styreneboy, i've managed to locate some mp3 of that Out On Blue Six single which i'd be willing to upload/share if you're interested.

  5. Anyone know of any copies anywhere? Mine went missing a long, long time ago!