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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weird Strings - Oscar Automobile (1979)

b/w - Ancient & Square

Cool debut 45 this, on their own label (Velvet Moon records VM1)

The band (1979 -81) hailing from the Kent area were

Paul Roland AKA Paul Sinclair (voc guitar)
Simon Ballestrini (bass)
John Willans AKA John Daniels (drums guitar voc)
Hard On Love (handclaps)

The above Trio + Martin Newton were also Midnight Rags

Their 7" Discography after this 45 reads

Midnight Rags -Public Enemy / Alcatraz / Mamma said (Ace Records ACE 005) 1979
Weird Strings II - Criminal Cage / Millionaire (Ace records ACE 009) 1980
Midnight Rags - The Cars That Ate New York / Oscar Automobile (Velvet Moon records VM.1) 1980

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Wow,i have the two Midnight Rags singles and i'm curious to hear this early incarnation of the band,their version of Oscar Automobile is very Bolanish...many thanks