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Monday, 7 March 2011

Tubeway Patrol - Do Eyes Ever Meet (1981)

b/w - No Time

Sole release from ex members of Slough band Tubeway Army

When Tubeway Army split in 1979 (Gary Numan and Paul Gardiner wandered off into the sunset) Sean Burke and Barry Benn reverted back to their earlier days and formed the Station Boys.
Sean was also briefly leader of "Robert & the Remoulds" (who released a version of Do Eyes Ever Meet as a double A-side with X No1 on Black & White records - 1979).

The Station Boys morphed in to Tubeway Patrol & the 2 started lo look for other members.
On 31st May 1980, With the band being;

Nicky Combes (voc)
Sean Burke
(Guitar, Synth voc)
Billy Holland (bass)
Barry Benn (drums)

They went into Jacob's Studio's, Surrey to record a Demo (Do Eyes Ever Meet / Welcome / No Time / Relay) which secured them a record deal with Video Records [WEA] who booked them into The Music Centre Studios ,Wembley where they mastered “Do eyes ever meet” and “No Time” unfortunately these recordings were never released as the company folded shortly after.

Another Demo was recorded 06/12/80 at Exit studios, Fulham (Only Dreaming / A Death In The City / Computer Failure / Time Square)

Debbie Katz (keyboards) now joins

Soon after, under new management , they went into Abbey Road Studios & mastered the same two tracks again (with Charlie Tumahi - Be-bop Deluxe bassist behind the desk).
With these masters the band secured the record deal with Carrere Records [WEA]. It's released (13th November) with no fanfare or picture sleeve, even with it receiving some radio play it sinks without a trace.

Due to the lack of success the record company took the decision to drop the band.

They then signed to DJM (1982) and the single was re-released in Europe (France / Holland / Germany) with a different mix of "No Time"..... again fame & fortune was not around the corner!!

there's a myspace page
& a Web page

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