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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Trastos - El Poli Te Ve (1980)

b/w - Rockers Del 83

I've just realised I've not posted anything from Spain for ages so here's the 1st 45 from Trastos

Trastos were an attempt by CBS to cash in on the pop / New Wave scene but don't let that put you off !
They began in Madrid in 1978 but didn't release any recorded material until 1980 with this El Poli Te Ve - (The cop sees you)

They were
Miguel Angel Lobato (voc)
Tores Crespo (guitar)
Fernando Crespo (bass
Javier Lobato (drums)
Luis Carlos Esteban

Personally I prefer Rockers Del 83

Their other recordings were;
Te Voy A Buscar / El Botellin - CBS (1980) 7"
Trastos - CBS (1980) LP (all 4 tracks from the 45's are on this)

Sounds & scans below


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