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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Speeds - Today Is Not A Good Day (1980)

b/w / Where I Used To Play

Here's the 2nd 45 from this Portuguese pub rock / New Wave band & it would happily sit on one of the powerpearls volumes.
Their 1st release was She's Gonna Leave Me /The House Is In A Mess (It says Mass on the sleeve & record but I think that's just a typo) - GIRA 1980
Both 45's were produced by Rock in Stock radio broadcaster Luis Filipe Barros

Lisbon band Speeds (1979-81) Were

João Braz (voc)
Luiz Ricardo (guitar) song writer
Pedro Oliveira (rhythm guitar)
João Ejarque (bass)
João José (drums)

Some of the band became Menincos Do Coro (Boy's Choir) who released a 45 in late 1981 (Revolta No Zoo / O Cursinho - Movie Play)

Thanks to Toxicidades for the info & photo

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Fantastic!!! I've liked this portug. band. Thank you very much.