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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rory Moon - Little Wond'ring Why (1981)

b/w - See her Now

Here is the 2nd time Rory Moon tried for fame & fortune with this beatlesque powerpopper.

(it was originally released in Holland, Germany & Belgium on EMI in 1977, where he was joined by the Silver Stars)

If you want to know if the "mixes" are the same, pop over to Sing Sing & work it out for yourself!

Sounds & Scans below



  1. This site looks like great. Tons of good records posted here. Cool! Is there any chance to hear some other obscure records here from The Dalmatians, Star-Beats, Radio Radio, Skeets Boliver, Broadside Outcasts, Dealer or Seedy Gees? I'd be very pleased if you do. Thanks!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I can help with a couple of those - must admit I don't know the 45 from "the Dalmations" - more info please!!

  3. The Dalmations had 2 tracks on a 12" comp on Dogrock Records (SD-102) (Dalmations tracks are 'Supermarche' and 'It's No Fun Anymore') followed by a 7" 'Colourful World' / Women Against The World' (SD-103) both dated 1982. Apparently they flirt with post-punk and powerpop, but who knows?

    I haven't added the 7" to the discography yet because Music Master says 12/82 for the comp 12" which means the 7" would have come later (1983). But, I have a feeling the 12" was earlier so I'll probably add it when I get round to updating.

  4. Band's name isn't Dalmations. The correct name is The Dalmatians. I only know the single ''Colourful World'' on Dogrock (1982). They played powerpop. I had a copy of it, unfortunately missing today.


    Here's the B-side by Neville Wanker if it helps.


    & Thanks!


  5. Thanks for the info WT & Howard (also thanks for the rip)
    I've had "Women against the world" sent to me & it's more in the category of post-punk (& to be honest didn't do much for me!!)

    listen for yourselves


  6. Thank you for another fantastic single. This site is very very good.

  7. Thanks for the Dalmatians flip. Though I still remember Colourful World as the hit side.

    Keep on rockin'