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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ron Ellis - Here Comes Summer (1979)

b/w - Hot California Night

(+ extra mystery bonus track in the download)

As it's officially the start of B.S.T. today I thought I'd celebrate! with a cover of Jerry Keller's '59 hit from Mr Ellis (who confesses to giving it a new shuffle arrangement) aided by Sue Glover & Sonny Leslie & Tony Burrows

This 45 was released after his 1978 7" For The Boys On The Dole under the name "Neville Wanker & The Punters" (where he was joined by Bilbo (possibly) & Tim Rose) but was probably recorded sometime earlier (1975?) at the Morgan Studios in London

If you want to know more about Ron's other releases go here or if you want to know more about the man himself go here

Sounds & scans below



  1. I've never been convinced by the Bilbo/Punters connection. Doesn't look much like them on the sleeve, unless the band on the record and those on the sleeve were different people.

  2. WT - Have to admit I'm with you on this one, then again if they're supposed to be dole boys you couldn't really have Bilbo on the sleeve - It may ruin their teenybop image
    (mind you that's where most of them ended up! - no offense meant boys)

    more info on Bilbo here


  3. 'mind you that's where most of them ended up! - no offense meant boys' ...except drummer Fid who is now a sheriff (judge) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court!

  4. Ron remembered it having been Bilbo on the p/s but, yeah, dunno about that, so this will be removed from the next printing of '45 Revs', I think...

    Meanwhile: anyone got a Neville no-Wanker they want to sell me???

  5. Great stuff Bruce - any chance of the Neville Wanker B-side please?

  6. I Don't have the 7" (only an mp3 & a sleeve - waiting to be filled) hence no posting - Sorry!!

    of course if anyone has an mp3 of the b-side I'd be happy to receive it in my mailbox.

  7. Neville Wanker instrumental is basically the backing track with added sax. I could do the record on my blog later this week?

  8. The band featured on record was a group of session men plus Tim Rose (of 'Morning Dew' fame) on lead guitar. The photo on the sleeve is a Liverpool group called Bilbo Baggins Band who agreed to go out as Neville Wanker & The Punters for live dates. Frank Johns, the group's keyboard player, later became MD for P.J. Proby whilst guitarist Roy Brandon is a well known actor who recently (2013) starred as Stan Laurel in 'Sons of the Desert' at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre. The man in the raincoat aka Neville Wanker is composer and lead singer, Ron Ellis, now better known for his Merseybeat influenced crime novels featuring private eye Johnny Ace..