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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Kris Ryder - We're Alive (1979)

b/w - Zoom In On Me

Nice bit of New wave / powerpop from Chis Andrews
(Before Kris Ryder he recorded under the name of Tim Andrews, so as not to be confused with this Chris Andrews)
In 1963, he was a 15 year old Artful Dodger (Steve Marriott similarities anyone), in a production of Oliver in London's West End.
Then (circa 1966) the singer in Les Fleur De Lys & Ruperts People

As Chris / Tim Andrews he has also worked with Paul Korda /Julia Downes / Roger Daltrey & Andy Desmond (As Ryder-Desmond who released a good 45 on DJM records in 1981 Visions/Nobody's Gonna Get My Girl)

If you like this there are other recordings to look out for

Ordinary Girl Ordinary Guy/Zoom In On Me - Decca 1978
We're Alive/Zoom In On Me - Decca (Dutch pressing)1979
Kris Ryder - self titled LP- Decca 1979
Holiday / All In one Night - Decca 1979
Everybody knows / She's a romantic - DJM 1982

Sounds & scans below



  1. Ah, same version of 'Zoom In On Me' as on the 1st single. Often wondered if that was the case.

    Another case of the scanner not doing orange? My scanner is mostly OK but very occasionally some shades of orange turn out more pink and vice-versa, which means I need to manually edit.

  2. I have to admit I'd not even noticed that the scanner had ignored the colour from the front of the sleeve (still the other pics show it correctly)

  3. Excellent! could you post the Ryder-Desmond 45?

  4. Sorry, I'm still on the lookout for a copy myself - Can anyone else help?

    1. i have it in Excellent Condition for £2
      if you wish to have it
      cheers; ian
      email: ian_millington@outlook.com

  5. spiralwaveradiocom - Rare interview with Kris Ryder (Chris Andrews) 7.30pm Friday 10th 2013