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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Glass Torpedoes - Tall Stories (1981)

b/w - Call It Music

3rd & final 45 from Liverpool (Kirkby) band Glass Torpedoes (almost as good as the 1st & a darn sight better then the 2nd)

There's not much left of the line-up that released the "Someone Different" ep in 1979 (the Drummer being the only surviving Member)

The boys & girl on this 45 were

Kate Gill (voc)
Paul Reason (guitar) later in Ex post Facto
Bernie Carroll (bass) later in Ex post Facto
Mark Coleridge (drums) later in Ex post Facto & Stiffs amonst others

The sleeve shown is the promo fold over that preceded the "proper" release sleeve (see d/load for scans)

In case you're wondering, the preceding (2nd) 45 also on Leo Sound (Unreal the Real / Running Wild - LEO 1001 -1980) utilized John Milton (guitar voc) & David Maxwell (guitar voc) instead of Kate Gill.

You can find a bit more info here

Sounds & scans below



  1. Excellent record. I own John Milton's and ''Someone Different'' and I have to admit this is their best one in my opinion. Thanks for it.

    Any chance you have any of these?
    DNA, Keeping Up With The Drones
    Andy Pandemonium, Controlling Factor


  2. I only have the Andy Pandemonium 45 - which I'll post soon

    BTW their 1st 45 can be found here


  3. Hi again Jimmy, Steve from LDK has sent track 1 from the DNA ep -


    He didn't mention this but I noticed there is 1 for sale on his site If anyone is interested

  4. Thanks a lot dude! The DNA track is seriously amazing. If the rest of the EP would be just as good as this one, definitely worth a listen. However, 200 euros is a bit expensive for my pocket.

    BTW- Great numbers on the Refugee 45!