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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Four Squares - The Gates Of Hell (1983)

b/w - The Debt

As mentioned in an earlier post The Four Squares were the "dream team" of a band for John Hewlett (ex manager of Sparks / Dickies / Milk & Cookies & earlier in his career bass player for Johns Children (bio in French use google translate)

Band members were

John Hewlett
Adrian Fisher (guitar)
Trevor White (bass voc)
Norman "Dinky" Diamond (drums voc)
Bob Davis AKA Chuck Wagon (keyboards, guitar)

The story goes that in November 1980 Hewlett (with son & wife) & Davis flew into London to met the others & rehearse /demo 5 songs, these were in turn taken back to California.
These tunes were played to Ian Kimmet & Albert Grossman of the now defunct Bearsville Studios (Woodstock, Turtle Creek, N.Y.) who offered them studio time.
By April 1981 Davis had finally quit the Dickies & the 5 of them had 9 tracks finished. A call then comes in from the Dickies asking him to help them out with a few local shows at the Topanga Corral (Topanga) in May. On assurance that he will not be required in the studio, he agrees.
It's after the last of these shows that he goes back to his parents house in the San Fernando Valley & shoots himself in the head. Thus the project ground to a halt & it took until September 1983 for the tunes to get released.

Sounds & scans below



  1. Wow. The Debt *is* Zeppelina, which The Dickies released on 1994's Idjit Savant.

  2. Poor Chuck. What a story! Playing those zany keyboard solos musta drove him mad.