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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Sugar Glyders - Revenge (1984)

b/w - Free Your Heart

The Hemel Hempstead based band were
Martin Brown (voc guitar keyboard)
Paul Thomson (bass voc)
Keith Chapman (drums)

As well as this their debut 45 they contributed a track "Jericho" to the Lost Moment Records V/A LP - Colours Of The Bastard Art!

Before the Sugar Glyders Martin & Keith were in a "popular live band" called Spoils who supported Paul Young (when he still had a good voice)

I guess this would get sold as mod /indie on certain auction sites.

Sounds & scans below



  1. Martin Brown here! Keith and Paul and I are not in the same band now but we're all still mates and playing different bands / writing and recording. It was nice to see our single here. My website has some free songs to listen to, on which I play all instruments. I'm on www.martinbrownmusic.com Cheers all the best.

  2. Hi Martin - Thanks for the update to how/what you are doing - much appreciated.