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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sandy Beach And The Deckchairs - EP (1980)

A1 - Get It Into Your Heart
A2 - Victory
B1 - Working All The Way
B2 - Ropetrick

I can't tell you much about this London based* band except the tunes are very much in the Badfinger / Blue vein of powerpop / pop rock & the record is on the Ace records label

The band were
Richard Fowle (voc guitar)
Dave Steytler (lead guitar)
J.B. Burrows (rhythm guitar)
Peter Kirke (bass voc) - also played bass with the Rats
Steve Isaacs R.I.P (drums)

*Most of the band came from the Canterbury area except Steve Isaacs who was from Sandwich in Kent.

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much for this nice ep.

  2. Marta - you are welcome! but really it should be the boys above that you thank (if you understand my meaning)

  3. honestly,family best friend Dick (Richard Fowle) on bass and vocals this was a tribute EP to the late Clive Birch x x My Dad's brother x x graphics i believe were by Jack Gordon??? Dick could clarify....

  4. Thanks for the info - it's greatly appreciated - If Dicks got any more info then I'll ammend the post.

  5. Also based in Whitstable in the 70's

  6. Peter Kirke was a song writer in the original band known as Madras, Sandy Beaches...

  7. Birchwaar wasn't Kevin snook the original bass in the band before Clive died in the car accident?? Are there any records of the album they produced with the original members I know there was one knocking around xx

  8. Hi, same person, Birchwaah
    the band started with Glenn Snook on the drums, Fowle (dick) on Bass, Kevin must have been a rhythm guitarist and Peter Kirke also Guitar and song writer. They were known as Madras before and Clive went to Spain? - I rate Clive alongside Clapton and Page xx there are a few songs on tape but I can't find anyone to get them on CD with any quality, Steve Birch

  9. Clive played with Caravan in the 70's

  10. PS, Jack Gordon was my Dad's step-dad - Clive's stepdad

  11. this was also a tribute EP to Clive Birch R.I.P Lead Guitarist in the early Seventies for Madras and Sandy Beaches, very talented band, does not reflect their original routes of Bluesbreakers, Dylan, Cat Stevens and Cream rolled into one - i have one 60min tape of their 8 track recording but am scared to share it!!!!!! it will be covered..... Nephew

  12. Hi I'm JBBurrows..
    New on line. JEREMYBURROWS@LIVE.CO wanna talk Canterbury scene?