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Friday, 18 February 2011

Nigel Stonier Band - Still Not Over You (1981)

b/w - In The Paperbacks

Cheshire lad Nigel Stonier was probably more into his Folk Clubs (earlier bands being The Providence Jug Band & Wanderlust amongst others) than the New Wave scene.
Although he still managed to write these 2 pleasant 60's sounding tunes (In the Paperbacks being more to my liking)

His Band (helpers really) were
Nigel Stonier (voc, guitars, bass, keyboards, synths)
Martin Brooke (guitars synth)
Mell Allen (drums)
Tina Hughes (backing vocals)
Joyce Linsley (backing vocals)
Adrian Peever (backing vocals) - Now a lecturer at Miami University

Sounds & scans below


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