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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Jerks - Come Back Bogart EP (1980)

A - Come Back Bogart (I Wish You Would)
B1 - Are You Strong Enough?
B2 - The Strangest Man

Here's the 3rd & final (unless you include the reissues etc) 45 from this Mirfield Bunch.

The band began life in late '76 as Simon Snakke & The Amputated Leg Band but soon changed their name to Jerks.
They had a few line up changes before this 45 (pop over to Bored teenagers for these..... other members not mentioned there were (in order of appearance) Mark Jackson (guitar), Deadleg Dave (drums), Barry Firth (drums - apparently the drummer on "Cool" not Kelv Issue), Veronica Newt (keyboards), Phil Parkin (drums), Terry Smith (drums), Martin (drums))

The line-up for this recording was
Simon Snake (voc)
Jean Paul Gilbert AKA Paul Insanity (guitar, voc)
Pete Van Rental (guitar, voc, piano) ex The Issue
Chas Menotti AKA Charles Acid AKA Charles Chaos (bass)
Keith Hurt (drums)

Sounds & scans below


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