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Saturday, 26 February 2011

J.C.B. - (I Wish I Was A) Camera (1981)

b/w - Walk It (Like You Talk It)

Nice bit of New wave / powerpop from this Brighton band (who have proven hard to find information on)

What I have gleamed from trawling the letters pages on this site is that;

John Clay (J.C.B. = John Clay Band) was probably the lead singer/guitarist from Joe Cool & The Killers

The guitarist could have also been his old partner in Crime Tony Maybury RIP (ex the Vandells , DP's, Midnight & The Lemon Boys & of course Joe Cool & The Killers)

Also this was the first release on Red Rat records which was Brighton's 2nd independent record label (Attrix being the 1st)
The label's second (final?) release was Ska band The Ammonites with Big Eaters /Dressed To Kill

Sounds & scans below



  1. Wow - OK, yes Sherlock, it was my old man, JC, and I think the earth movers probably didn't license the logo either! The rest of the band was, I think, and I was only seven, so I might be wrong: Francois Craig on bass, Lester on drums and a guy known as Prof on keyboards, which JC thought was typically amusing. What I love about this song is that it was written about my mum. The story goes that JC came to get me from the new boyfriend's flat where we had been living. Mum's new beau was a keen photographer and there were pretty racy - though well framed IIRC - photos of her wearing precious little on the hall wall - hence "it's been a little while since I've seen you without clothes". Always an eye for a tune - and a scantily clad beauty - the old man. "Never let it be said we missed one" he would remark... LOL

  2. I have the original 45 single... red rat records... wish i was a camera. it came inside a secondhand record player i bought in brighton back in 1983. I played it all the time as a 15 year old also loved the b side walk it like you talk it. Thanks for posting the info about it.