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Friday, 11 February 2011

The Gross Club - Second Chance (1981)

b/w - Look Away

OK back to the sounds we all love the most; Mod / powerpop with a hint of punk.

This 45 doesn't come with a pic sleeve, just a photocopied pic stuck onto a plain white or card sleeve.

It was recorded at the 8 track Cave Studios which was in the St Pauls area of Bristol & appears to be the first release on their label.

Thanks to Max in the comments section : band info is

Adrian P Smith (Voc & song writer)
Mick (rhythm guitar & "sleeve" model)
Nick (bass)
Beejan (drums)

(At least 3 of them are now Dentists)

Sounds & scans below



  1. I know this band!! that's my dad's ass on the front of the album!! thanks for posting it btw good for use as blackmail :D Adrian Smith, my godfather and my Dad's mate wrote the songs, he is now a dentist. My dad was the rhythm guitarist (the one with the shaved red head/no talent). Other band members were Nick (base) and Beejan (drums) and they are also dentists. Turns out they've just gone big in Japan so if you want to buy some albums we need the money :)

  2. Buy some Albums!!? - that comment's got me interested - More info please & obviously thanks for the above info - could you add any surname's to the above names.

  3. Hi, this is Mick (rhythm guitar and it's my bum on the pic. I'm still married to the lass who did the art work !). Ade Smith has just remastered our old recordings from reel to reel to onto CD. Should be available in a couple of weeks - I'll let you know when & how. Cheers, Mick

  4. Hi Mick - looking forward to hearing that. Was it the missus that wrote on your arse?

    1. Bristol Boy,

      If you look at my reply to Sireen below the CD is now available via Amazon and there is some footage on Youtube from The Granary in 1981 (more to come from other venues) - oh and the start of a Facebook page. It was indeed my good lady that did the artwork - I've not washed since ! If you get the album I'd be interested in your views.

      Cheers, Mick

    2. I picked up the CD from Detour - Some really good tracks on it.

      I'm guessing the youtube footage is from the BBC's RPM recordings (recorded 12-11-81 for all you info nerds out there)

      Other bands that were recorded for the programme (over 3 days)included
      The Stranglers / Vice Squad
      Alarm Clox / Back Roots
      Slow Twitch Fibres / Neon / Paynekillers

  5. Hi,

    I remember the band from my days at Goldney Hall, University of Bristol, many many many years ago! Not sure if any of you remember me but I was one of your big fans! I am very interested in the CD. Please advise where I can get it.

    Great to have found this blog! And lovely to hear where the band members ended up!


    1. Sireen,

      Ade Smith got all the old recordings moved onto digital and remastered. It sounds far better than we actually were ! I'm biased but I think the songs still sound great - they certainly take you back to Goldney & sweaty nights in The Bristol Bridge Inn !

      Some old footage has been uploaded to youtube (more to come I'm told). I'm the prat with the bald head (or search The Gross Club Granary 1981)


      The new album is called 'Members Only' and you can either buy the CD or download individual tracks. Just search for The Gross Club on Amazon. We are all still in touch and maybe one day we'll have a reunion gig in Bristol !